Key People



Rev Ruth Hewett
Ruth Hewett is Curate, working especially on Newcastle Great Park.

She runs “The ARK in the PARK” project which has been sponsored by the Church of England to bring together the new community there.
Ruth was ordained Priest in June 2017
Margaret Urquhart
Helps  with the Family Informal Service and supports our activities with children. She is a member of the recently formed Eco-Church Group and looks after the garden around the Church.
Chris Maddock
The treasurer at St Aidans. He manages the church’s financial affairs and reporting to the District Church Council (DCC). He produces the end of year report to the Annual General Meeting in March each year.
Julie Seaton
Is one of our Churchwardens looking after our Church and its people.  
Bernie Troughton
Also Church Wadden
Catherine Stewart
Her duties are assisting with administration and preparing rotas for various tasks to be carried out in church.
She became Assistant Church Warden in October 2018
Dorothy Clasper
She became Assistant Church Warden in June 2018