CONFIRMATIONConfirmation gives the opportunity for those who have been baptised to respond to God’s faithful love by committing to be faithful in return. Confirmation is a mark, as is said in the Confirmation service itself, that we are ‘ready with our own mouth and from our own heart to affirm our faith in Jesus Christ.’  In Confirmation we acknowledge that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, that the story of our lives is a part of God’s story for the world, but, also, that by being part of a local church like St. Aidan’s, where we are supported, we are also part of the wider Church which exists in all sorts of places all over the world. The Confirmation Service is led by the Bishop who comes to symbolize this sense of becoming part of, and being supported by, a family much larger than the one which gathers on Brunton Park Sunday by Sunday.

A Confirmation prayer:
Spirit of God, grant me:
the gift of wisdom to see the world through your eyes;
the gift of insight when faced with difficult decisions;
the gifts of knowledge to use my mind to know and love you;
the gift of courage to live with faith, despite difficulties and disappointments;
and the gift of an imagination, which makes me pause to wonder at your great love for me.

In the Team Parish of Christ the King, of which St. Aidan’s is a part, we celebrate Confirmation each year on the last Sunday in November, although other times can also be arranged. If you are interested in making this step in faith please contact us, or find an opportunity to speak to Andrew or Peter.

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